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Fiverr Review
For those who are looking for remote workers with low rates, Fiverr is the usual go-to place. That’s why it’s called the “marketplace for the lean entreprener”. You can find freelances from various fields and hire them on a per-project basis. But the question is : is Fiverr a legit website? We’ll find out in this review.

Fiverr has flexible pricing schemes for a variety of expertise. Basically, the main market of this platform is graphic design. Still, it has evolved to cater to more types of jobs including content writing and more. Check out our complete Fiverr review.

Background of Fiverr

Fiverr is probably one of the most popular sites in the freelance gig industry. At some point, it offers more advantages than the more popular upwork. In Fiverr, everything is project based where orders can be as low as $5.

This freelance marketplace was launched in 2009 and has become a giant in its own right. According to its CEO Micha Kaufman, Fiverr has completed more than 25 million transactions ever since its launch. Interestingly, one-third of this number is incurred in just one year.

Unlike other job board sites, Fiverr has a faster turnaround time since it’s order-based and it’s rare for clients and freelancers to have long-term clients, except for those who prefer to buy the same gig from the same freelancer.


  • Very low rates per gig
  • Lots of gigs to choose from
  • Low-risk freelance marketplace
  • No monthly rates to maintain access
  • Access to a wide array of freelancer all over the world


  • Service charges apply
  • Beware of fake/staged reviews


How to register

Fiverr Review 2019

Fiverr is pretty streamlined and they use a single account system for both the buyer and the seller. With one account, you can either sell your service or buy the service of others.

There’s no verification process after signing up. Once you have your account settled, you can now start making or finding the best Fiverr gigs.

How to make money using Fiverr?

In Fiverr, jobs are referred to as “gigs”. Each gig has a straightforward statement about what the freelancers offer. For example, it’s as simple as “writing a 1,000-word amazon product review for $10”. This makes the gigs easy to see. It also saves the buyers’ time from perusing long and wordy resumes.

Each freelancer has a rating based on his or her past projects. Fiverr started with the basic gig as low as $5. After some updates, they lifted the restriction and freelancers can now create gigs up to $995.

If you’re a buyer, you just need to place an order. Take note that you first need to pay Fiverr for the gig’s worth to ensure that the freelancer will be paid. An extra $1 will be charged to you for service charges. For larger gigs worth $20 and over, service charges will cost 5%.

The freelancer sends the output to the client and depending on the terms of the gig, the client is entitled to several revisions if need be. If the buyer is satisfied, he or she will now mark the work complete and the payment will be sent to the freelancer automatically.

Also, as a buyer, you’ll need to rate the freelancer based on “communication with the seller”, “buy again or recommend”, or “service as described”.

The ugly part for the freelancer is that Fiverr will take 2% of the amount for service charges. So for a $5, the freelancer only gets $4.

Types of gigs available

Almost any type of gig is available in Fiverr. You can find graphics design, SEO, video editing, advertising, and more. Some gigs can be very queer, like saying things while wearing a fruit costume.

Some of the best selling gigs on Fiverr include:

  • Music and audio
  • Graphics and design
  • Writing and translation
  • Digital marketing
  • Business
  • Programming and tech
  • Video and animation
  • Gaming
  • Lifestyle

Each of these categories has sub-categories that will lead you to specific types of service. It makes gig browsing very easy for buyers.

Fiverr levels

When it comes to freelancers, Fiverr ranks them in two levels based on their trustworthiness and rating. This lets buyers scout for top-performing freelancers to get their order from.

Level  1. For this level, freelancers have to be in Fiverr for at least 30 days and have completed at least 10 individual orders. The freelancer should also maintain a 4-star rating with low cancellation rates.

Level 1 freelancers can post 15 active gigs with 4 extra gigs and 10 gig multiples.

Level 2. The freelancer has to complete at least 50 individual orders within two consecutive months. The freelancer should also maintain at least a 4.5-star rating with low cancellation rates.

Level 2 freelancers can post up to 20 active gigs with 5 gig extras and 15 gig multiples. Also, they receive priority customer support.


The price of the gigs depends on the amount the freelancer will post in line with the platform’s tiers. Just take note that Fiverr will charge a fix 2% or $1 whatever is higher for service fees.

They also tend to have very high service rates, especially for high-value projects. Still, for those who are accepting multiple gigs, they can compensate on the lost money easily.

Is Fiverr worth it?

Fiverr is worth it if you want a no-strings-attached way of accepting work. Also, as a freelancer, you have control over the orders you want to work on. For buyers, they no longer have to hire and maintain members for jobs that could be seasonal.

The only downside is the service fees. Still, this will be less of an issue if you’re not planning to outsource massive projects on the platform.


So is Fiverr a legit website? It is. Thousands of freelancers have earned decent money by accepting orders and posting gigs on this platform. Buyers, on the other hand, find it a very convenient platform to accomplish the tasks they don’t want to do. For such flexible pricing, we think that Fiverr is worth the try. Just make sure that the gig suits your needs.