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Upwork Review: What makes it a reliable platform for employers

Online workplaces are rapidly growing. Employers prefer to connect with highly skilled and talented individuals who can get the job done in a limited time. It helps save time and money spent on hiring and training a new employee. Various marketplaces are available, but Upwork has set high standards. It is ideal for employers to find the talent they need. Here is a complete upwork.com review to help you know why it is the best.


What is Upwork

Upwork is an online workplace for employers and freelancers. It is famous as one of the biggest platforms with the highest number of employers and job hunters. Employers often visit upwork.com to find the best talent and deals for their special projects.
Employers always pay attention to the profiles, previous work, ratings and competitive prices before selecting freelancers. The powerful search engines of upwork.com make it easier to find the talent you need by using different filters.


How does Upwork works for clients?

There are two options for clients on Upwork which are basic and enterprise.

  • Basic plan

Basic plan is designed for beginners who can interview all employees themselves and do not have specific requirements.

If you have a basic plan here is how you can hire talent.

• Sign up on Upwork.
• Share the job post.
• Specify whether the job will be priced hourly or have fixed rate.
• Review proposals of freelancers and shortlist the experts you want to interview.
• Hire the experts and have your project completed.
• Pay the experts according to the payment method specified by freelancer.

Whereas, enterprise plan is for individuals or business owners who require extra help from experts of Upwork for hiring talent.

  • Enterprise plan

Hiring process for enterprise plan.

• Sign up and get Upwork account configured.
• Email any talent specialist from Upwork with the specifications of your project.
• Post job directly on Upwork.
• Get access to pre-vetted talent.
• Hire to get your job done and pay accordingly.




Features of upwork.com for employers

upwork.com has a variety of highly professional features which are very helpful for employers. Here are a few you need to know.

1- Project catalog

If you are looking for quick services and projects prepared by skilled professionals, the project catalog will be perfect. There are various projects available which you can easily compare, and find the skills and talent you are looking for. Moreover, upwork.com provides add-ons that will allow you to customize your projects. You can add special instructions like quick delivery or extra revisions. Besides that, you can go through Upwork Picks, which are highly professional individuals specially selected for you.

2- Talent scout

Talent scout will be ideal for those employers who need special recruiting assistance. Without paying the extra charges to a staffing agency, upwork.com will help you find the best talent. The experienced recruiters of Upwork will quickly shortlist all the professionals depending on your requirements. It will be a seamless experience because you can find an expert in any field, design, IT, development, marketing or creative agency.


Upwork Features


3- Bring on outside talent and skilled employees

Using upwork.com, employers will have the freedom to bring on professionals who are not already using Upwork. If you have talented individuals, you can ask them to work with you on Upwork. Thus, by managing the payments and reporting, you will be able to get your work done in real-time. Moreover, your employees will also benefit from this deal.

4- Real-time feedback Sharing

When hiring from an online marketplace, employers are often concerned about the quality of work. However, upwork.com has simplified this process by allowing employers to share real-time reviews and provide feedback regarding their experience with a certain freelancer. It will allow others to know the type of services provided.

5- High-end freelancer verification process

There is a proper ID verification process to keep the marketplace secure and free from fake vendors. At upwork.com, there is an automated process that verifies individuals based on their talents to ensure that employers can easily find reliable freelancers. Moreover, regular upgrades are being introduced so Upwork will remain a secure and professional platform for its clients.

6- Mobile Accessibility

Upwork has a high-end mobile app specially developed for its clients. It has all the features and services to allow employers to engage with freelancers and pick the one who meets their demands perfectly. The mobile app has a user-friendly interface which makes it easy to understand and use. Moreover, you can also access upwork.com on your smartphone’s web browser without any issues.


Reasons Upwork is great for employers.

After working as an employer for many years and finding some great talent, here is an upwork.com review on why it is one of the best for employers.

Convenient local and global payment options

Upwork has made it easier for clients to quickly make local and global payments. Some of the latest upgrades include.
• Usage of prepaid cards is allowed.
• The latest checkout flow is available.
• If employers have a direct contract, they can enable Automated Clearing House for transfers.
• Bank-based payments service is available.

Intuitive working platform

Upwork is a highly developed and easy-to-use workplace, making it easier for employers to hire, get their work done, and pay the employees quickly. Connecting with freelancers can be easily done using native message systems. Moreover, sending and receiving files on upwork.com is very simple and hassle-free. Besides that, it provides the facility of text and video communication to all its clients. You will get an on-the-go experience while using Upwork because its services are available worldwide.

Efficient search methodology

There is no need to waste your time going through various profiles. Employers already have limited time, and upwork.com has made finding professionals very easy. All you have to do is post the job and skills you need. Soon freelancers will start applying, and Upwork will automatically shortlist the best individuals perfect for your project. Thus, within a few hours, you can assign the task and wait for it to get done.

Chat arrangements and scheduling

If you are not comfortable texting freelancers, you can always schedule a meeting. With upwork.com, it has been made easier because you can share your availability with your professional freelancer, and they can reschedule or book a meeting accordingly. Thus, it will get easier to share the details of the project more efficiently, and employers will know who they are working with.


Benefits of upwork.com for enterprise clients

Upwork.com has some special services for enterprise clients, and here are a few you need to know.


Upwork Features


1- New offer approvals

With Upwork, enterprise-level clients can easily have projects managed while keeping an eye on the progress. They can easily assign small tasks to other individuals in the marketplace while the team will be managing efficient workflow. It will allow to maintain the budget, mitigate compliance risk and get work done quickly while meeting the company’s policies.

2- High-tech Talent filter

This special feature is designed for enterprise employers looking for top talents. At upwork.com, there are certain professionals whose certifications and abilities have been already verified by Upwork as well as their quality of work is checked by managers of Upwork. Thus, using special filters, employers can get access to the best talent of Upwork and ensure they always get the best results.

3- Special military and diversity badges

At upwork.com, special diversity and military badges are given to freelancers so employers can easily find them. These are special badges only given to freelancers’ businesses that meet special criteria.
• Minority
• US veteran
• Woman
• Disability
Thus, these badges make it even easier for employers to find specific talent that they are looking for. Employers can quickly filter out the talent depending on policies of company and project demands.
Pros and Cons of using Upwork
Here are some pros and cons of using Upwork for clients.


Pricing for Employers:

It has a very good pricing plan for employees. However, pricing varies as per the project and duration, but Upwork charges a client 20 percent of the payment. If a client has worked with a freelancer for 500$+, the charges will go down to 10 percent until the working relation goes to $10k for total earnings. It will become 5 percent of all earnings after that.
So, if an employer works with a freelancer for a long time and high-paying jobs, the price will go down from Upwork.


Pros and Cons


• Huge selection of talent and skills available.
• Famous and reliable platform to find best freelancers.
• Low prices and amazing results.
• Payment protection and money back guarantee if you are not satisfied with the task.


• High competition due to which finding best talent can take time.
• Upwork fee can increase depending on difficulty of project.


Final Verdict

Without a doubt, upwork.com is a reliable and authentic platform where you can easily find the best talent. With their proper verification process, it is clear that you will not have to deal with any fake or fraudulent workers. So, without any hesitation, consider using Upwork. The platform is designed to help employers and freelancers earn a respectable livelihood. We hope this upwork.com review will help you decide whether you should be using this platform or not.