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What if you rely on onlinejobs.ph for your recruiting process?

Are you in need for helping hands? Are you looking for talents for your projects, or just a virtual assistant? You don’t want to pay recurring payments to recruitment agencies, or outsourcing companies? We have you covered in this article. We will describe a platform that allows you to directly hire from your comfort zone, outsource your tasks, and free up your time. We will talk here about onlinejobs.ph, our favorite outsourcing platform.

Onlinejobs Review

OnlineJobs.ph is one of the best online job marketplaces. It was founded in Utah, in the USA by John Jonas, and David Goggins, in order to allow employers worldwide to hire Filipino employees, and online service providers. The site has achieved remarkable success since its start, with millions of hiring in total, in 16 years of its development. The site’s main focus is to help employers and employees find long-term collaboration rather than task-oriented and short-term contracts.

Onlinejobs.ph is an online job board where Filipino workers and foreign employers meet. Companies and individuals who want to hire, for all kinds of tasks that can be done remotely, can upload job posts with their requirements on the site and hire a qualified applicant immediately. OnlineJobs.ph makes the screening, and hiring process easy and fast for employers.

In this article, we will elaborate on what onlinejobs.ph can do for employers.


How onlinejobs.ph works for employers

OnlineJobs.ph has a very easy-to-use GUI. It is designed to minimize friction and make the process as smooth as possible

Why hire from the Philippines

  • The vast majority of candidates have perfect English
  • The vast majority of candidates are loyal, honest, and hard working thanks to filipino culture
  • You can get a general administrative VA for as low as $300/month.
  • Specialists charges: Programmers: $550-1,300/month Designers: $400-1,100/month, SEO Specialists: $400-1,100/month, Social Media Experts: $400-1,100/month

Search resumes or post a job

If you are looking to fill a position, you can either search profiles for a potential match, or post a job. You can view profiles or applicants with a free account. After finding a good candidate, you will need upgrade your account in order to contact them.

Find your perfect staff member

Once you upgrade your account, you can easily schedule and conduct interviews with shortlisted candidates and negotiate their salary rates and work hours. You can communicate your terms and conditions, and discuss your requirements directly with your employees.

Hire and manage

After finding the best talents that match your requirements and impress you in the interview and screening process, you can hire them directly without paying any fee. You can even manage your employees with the time tracking software of the company.

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Features of OnlineJobs.ph

Onlinejobs.ph is an outsourcing platform that has been here for more than 16 years, and therefore, had a long time to adapt itself over time to match the needs of both of employers and employees, and offer one of the best experience currently available on the market. Here we list some of the top features of this platform from the employers’ perspective.

1.      Best platform for finding long-term Employees

Onlinejobs.ph is a platform that is mostly oriented towards finding long term employees, or freelancers for your permanent or outsourced work. The monthly flat-rate fee is lighter on employers’ pockets, while allowing access to a vast amount of profiles and specializations. But Onlinejobs.ph can also accommodate employers that are in need for short term freelancers or part-time employees. Everything depends on the agreement between employees and employers. The business model of the platform is pretty cost-effective for employers.

2.      No extra charges or recurring fee

Onlinejobs.ph offers 2 types of premium packages that are $69 & $99. Both packages are available to be paid monthly, and there are no hidden charges or recurring payments even after hiring the employee. Once the employer finds its best applicant, they can cancel the subscription anytime. No more fees will be deducted from employees or employers after that.

3.      On and Off platform payments are available.

There is no obligation to make payments to employees using the platform, unlike oth  er platforms. You can find your talent and pay them by any means that suits you, and them. You can, if you wish, hire the employees on a permanent basis, and pay them  a monthly salary.

4.      Free jobs posting/multiple job posting.

You can create a free account on onlinejobs.ph and post up to three jobs for free. It’s a good way to test whether you can find your ideal candidates here or not . You can upgrade your account later by choosing on the available package in order to hire or talk to the employees or applicants.

5.      Hands-off approach

The hands-off approach of onlinejob.ph in the hiring and screening process is good for the employers who would love to communicate with applicants on other platforms like Gmail, or Skype, after contacting them on the official site. It provides a more flexible hiring process, as there is no need to use in-house tools from the official site.

6.      Time tracking facility

Being an employer, you want to ensure that your employees are effectively working, even if you are from a different country or within a different time zone. Onlinejobs.ph offers a time tracking system known as time-proof. There are no extra charges or additional fees for availing this software as it is free.

This small software is viable with Apple or PC-based devices. It consequently tracks the hours worked and catches screen pictures that show previews of the virtual assistant’s work during their whole shift.

7.      Premium Hiring and screening service are available.

For companies or super busy employers, onlinejobs.ph offers hiring services for just $500. Employers who sign up for this feature can rely on onlinejobs.ph to shortlist, and screen qualified applicants on behalf of your company. This is a perfect feature for busy business owners and employers.

8.     Easy to use interface

Onlinejobs.ph provides an easy-to-use GUI. You can use the whole site to find your best talent without any hassle. The features and design is well thought, and intuitive.

9.     Reasonable prices

There are three pricing plans of onlinejobs.ph, one is free, and the other two are paid plans. The pro version is available for $69, and the premium version is available for $99.

How much does it cost to advertise for a job post when looking for a perfect candidate?

You do not need to spend hundreds of dollars of recurring payments for each new employee, like it’s the case with recrutement agencies, and other similar services. You only subscribe to OnlineJobs.ph for the duration where you need to hire employees, and you can cancel your subscription afterwards

So there are no extra charges on each hiring and no recurring commissions as mentioned above. We will share details about the benefits of each package so you can choose the one that you find most attractive. You can cancel your plan anytime without any objection, and also have a 30 day money back guarantee. You can also grab the opportunity to save up to 70% with the annual billing options.



If you choose the free plan you will get these features

  • Use Timeproof software
  • Bookmark applicants
  • 3 jobs posted
  • 2 days Job Post-approval
  • Review Job Applications

PRO Features

  • Use Timeproof software
  • Bookmark applicants
  • 3 jobs posted
  • Instant Job Post-approval
  • Review Job Applications
  • Communicate with Workers
  • Contact 75 workers / month
  • Read Worker Reviews
  • Hire Workers


  • Use Timeproof software
  • Bookmark applicants
  • 10 jobs posted
  • Instant Job Post-approval
  • Review Job Applications
  • Communicate with Workers
  • Contact 500 workers / month
  • Read Worker Reviews
  • Hire Workers
  • Unlimited Background Data Checks
  • Worker Mentoring Service
  • Video Guide to Outsourcing

You can cancel your subscription anytime, and it could be a very worthwhile investment that allows you to have more free time, and highly contribute to your business’ growth. You can click here to signup and see what this platform has to offer


Pros and Cons of onlinejobs.ph


  • Large database with more than 500,000 profiles.
  • 0% commission on hiring
  • Salaries are relatively low
  • Easy to use GUI
  • Off-platform payment option available
  • Easy to use job board
  • Great filtering options to find the desired candidates
  • Free training course available
  • Overall hands-off approach
  • Saves time and hassle
  • Hiring service option available for $500


  • Candidates screening is done by employers
  • There is no dispute resolution system between employees and employers.


What if you rely on onlinejobs.ph for the recruiting process?

Screening and hiring the right worker can, in some cases, take a lot of time and effort. If you wish, you can leave this process to onlinejobs.ph team’s expertise. You just need to brief them on what type of workers you need for your company, and they will handle the rest.

There are more than 500,000 profiles on Onlinejobs.ph, but Onlinejobs.ph team will narrow it down to the best candidates that fit your requirements, and can be most beneficial to you. They will select candidates that are highly skilled and endorsed by their former clients. You can in this way save even more time.

Online Jobs are confident enough in their recruiting process, but no one is perfect. If you don’t like their selected candidate, they are up for making changes. Online Jobs will propose another candidate without additional cost.



As an employer, Onlinejobs.ph is, in our opinion, the best platform to find long term online employees and service providers. If you are looking for a virtual assistant, or to build a virtual team, visit onlinejobs.ph and check out what they have to offer. Also, we advise you to visit their Youtube channel for insights and tips about hiring from the Philippines iusing their platform. They also offer a 30 day no questions asked money back guarantee, and great support to employers. We are convinced that once you go onlinejobs.ph, you never go back to other platforms. That was, at least, our own experience

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