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For those who like working and hiring in the comfort of their homes, the likes of offers a convenient solution. Freelancer is somewhat similar to Upwork and it’s also being used by many companies around the world. But how does Freelancer work? Is it worth the shot as an employer? We’ll find out here.

Background of

Freelancer is a talent staffing site with more than 25 million registered users. Currently, more than 12 million projects have been completed on the platform.

The freelancers would have to bid for the project and the employer will hire the one that they deem suited for the position. The company is currently based in Sydney, Australia and has offices in Manila, London, California, and Buenos Aires.

Freelancer claims to be connecting more than 35 million freelancers and employers around the world. It’s currently available in 247 countries, territories, and regions.

There are a lot of freelance jobs online and hiring opportunities in You can find professionals in programming, content writing, SEO, e-commerce, design, business, and more.


  • A convenient way to access pools of freelancers
  • Tons of job opportunities for freelancers
  • Excellent customer service
  • Non-disclosure agreements are available
  • Fast response
  • Quick hiring process


  • Freelancers and employers need to pay a fee to access the platform
  • Some freelancers are not well screened


How it works

Freelancer administers both the hiring and payment process for the employer and freelancer. As an employer, you can post a web-based job and freelancers in the platform can bid for it. You’re free to choose the freelancer that meets your standards.

Make sure that you specify the name of the project and the details needed for the job. Also, you should disclose your budget so you’ll have less hassle dealing with potential hires.

Take note that Freelancer uses an escrow service. This means you need to credit your account with the amount of the project. Freelancer accepts PayPal, credit card, or bank account as a means of topping up your account.

Although it’s not your concern as an employer, it’s important to note that 3% of the fees will be deducted by and the rest will go to the freelancer. Remember this note when setting your budget for the project.

Freelancer services

There are more than 1,350 job categories in Some of the most sought-after categories include logo design, data entry, website development, SEO marketing, mobile app development, and article writing.

You can also hire C++, HTML, PHP, and Javascript programmers. There are also a lot of offerings for those who are developing a website, marketing, or building up their e-commerce stores. Take note that all of the jobs are remote.

Time tracking uses time tracking software for Mac, Windows, and Linux. Their downloadable desktop time tracking app records your freelancer’s incurred time at work plus screenshots to prove that they are working on the project.

It also comes with a messaging feature that lets the freelancers communicate with their employers. Take note that this time tracker is only ideal for hourly projects. Some employers prefer a fixed price for other projects.

Just like any time tracker, the app can be controlled by the freelancer should s/he needs to pause the work.

This time tracker ensures that the employer’s interest is protected at all times.

Freelancer vs. Upwork and Upwork (formerly oDesk) are similar. They are both talent staffing sites for freelancers.

The big difference is that Upwork comes for free for freelancers. They also give fee discounts for freelancers that work for the same client in a specific period. In, these perks are non-existent.

Also, if you fail to log in to your account for the past 6 months, you’ll have to pay a maintenance fee of $10 per month. You need to reactivate your Freelancer account first before the money is refunded back to you.

Still, Freelancer is great for those who are just starting. It’s easier to find jobs here that match your skillset. Also, if you’re interested in short-term projects, is the place to be. fees

Fees will depend on the type of project that the freelancer bids. Membership fees will range from free to $60 a month based on the level the member signs up to.

For the part of the freelancer, the following are the rates that the platform may charge:

Preferred Freelancer Program  – 15% of the projects’ cost

For fixed projects – 10% or US$5 whichever is higher

Hourly projects – 10% of the project’s cost

For services  – 20% of the service’s total price

Take note that freelancers can only submit up to 8 proposals a month. This somehow discourages some freelancers since competitor sites offer more flexibility when it comes to applications.

Is Freelancer worth it?

If you’re amenable to low rates and such fees, then will work for you as the freelancer. For employers, the platform is a convenient choice to save money while enjoying a pool of workers at your disposal.

Just note that like any other freelancing sites, some of the workers could be less skilled than others. Make sure that you screen the candidates properly to make the most out of your budget.

What can be improved?

For the part of the freelancers, the fees can be relaxed a bit. It will also help to improve security measures to prevent freelancers from being duped by scammers.

Also, employers have to pay a membership fee just to get rid of the ads. There are also exchange fees when converting the money to another currency.

We also find the inactive fee a bit too much for the part of the freelancers. If wants more professionals to take interest in their platform, they need to cut out the hidden fees.

Conclusion is a popular freelancing site which can make some improvements along the way. What do you think of our review? How does freelancer work on your end? Feel free to leave a comment below!