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Freeup Review


In 2022, many people are gravitating toward the means of online earning. Freelancing is an excellent solution for skilled people of all age groups belonging to all levels of society to sell their services for the right amount of money. It is a very respectable and convenient way to earn. Moreover, every person is self-employed to work on their terms and timings. Based on each person’s level of skill and experience, employers can hire freelancers.

This article will present an unbiased and detailed review for the employers. So, if you are looking to hire someone for your projects on, this one is for you.

Freeup is a convenient solution for hiring remote freelancers online. The platform was founded to enable more efficiently adopting of reliable remote freelancers. FreeUp surveys thousands of freelance applicants each week and accepts only the top 1% of network applicants. Clients can access an extensive network of trusted remote freelancers after signing up for the platform. FreeUp is offered to our customers at every stage. We conducts referral interviews to understand your needs, help employees with communication issues, and replace employees you are dissatisfied with.




Key features of

Let us look at the highlighting and outstanding features of

1. Nothing but the best

There are several freelancing platforms available on the internet. This is no secret that a person can easily sign-up on these platforms within a few minutes. However, has done this sign-up process with a better approach. Every freelancer gets an equal chance to register on the platform. However, each applicant does not get a spot on the platform.

Shortlisting of applications

The team assures that only the best freelancers get a spot on the platform to ensure the quality of available services. An employer also thinks and works like that; they would interview for a job and shortlist the candidates based on their skills and qualifications. Similarly, takes care of the customer’s needs by shortlisting and filtering the freelancers.

Top 1% applicants

Only 1 out of 100 applicants are selected on average. This is a huge cut-down. The platform can grow much faster and earn more by letting everyone on the website. However, the developers value quality over quantity.Hence, the phrase “nothing but the best” suits this platform. Imagine that you are getting a list of already shortlisted freelancers and come out on top of the rejected 99% of applicants. This is an employer’s dream.


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2. Support team

The customer support team of each freelancing platform is extremely important to its success. During these online business/work relations, a party often runs into trouble or gets scammed. In these unfortunate events, a customer support team offers necessary help. There is always a potential risk of getting ripped off in online business relations. Freelancers would sometimes underperform than the decided task or completely fail to deliver. An AI or computer-based support team can’t understand, comprehend and provide practical solutions to these events.

Efficient and effective has a very efficient, responsive, experienced, skilled, and trained customer support team. The support agents connect to the employers almost instantly and professionally approach the issue. There are no support tickets or long threads of emails. The support agent assesses the work, chat history, freelancer’s packages, and transaction history. Based on this evidence, an expert support agent has enough knowledge and information about the type of service. Hence, this robust support system saves the trouble of explaining the project and the small things to the support agent.

3. Relatively smaller marketplace

Some employers might be scratching their hands on this. It is a common misconception that good products and services are only available in huge marketplaces. However, that is not the case when it comes to online freelancing. is a smaller platform.

Personal and familiar

Hence it creates a familiar and more personal user experience. Instead of finding million of services and different freelancers on Freeup, an employer would easily build connections with the fewer available options.

The smaller marketplace such as Freeup is also important to build long-term customer-client relations and a stronger working bond.


Freeup Features


4. Proprietary screening process

The biggest and probably the most annoying feature of most freelancing platforms is selecting the right option. There are unarguably hundreds of thousands of available freelancers on a single project. As an employer, it is awfully hard to select one. Most people would go through the top search results individually and check the statistics and rankings of the accounts. Some would prefer to read the customer reviews on each profile and base their decision. However, at, that worry and hard work are taken away from the employer.

Streamline selection

The employer can use this amazing and fast feature of the Freeup platform known as proprietary search; this allows the employer to connect with the best option for their project. The Freeup team takes their time and goes through each profile individually. The past experiences and performances of applicants are taken into the record. The team also stays up-to-date with the recent performance of each freelance. Based on this statistical data, whoever ranks on top shows up as the proprietary search result of

Freeup guarantees that the fast search result is the best option on their platform, and employers can blindly trust their recommendation. This search result is based on merit.

5. Great fee structure

Moving on to our next review point, let us look at its fee structuring. has a very organized and planned fee structure and guidelines, unlike most mainstream freelancing websites. Freelancers are not free to charge as much as they want. Within the same skill cap, an employer would have to pay almost the same amount regardless of their choice of freelancer.This system is very practical, and it does justice to both employers and freelancers.

Payment protocols

On, clients do not have to overpay, and freelancers get the rightful payment based on their skills.

Moreover, also takes a very little fee from the freelancers’ earnings. The employers do not have to pay any extra fees to the Freeup platform. Hence, it is a simple one-time payment on the employer’s part to the Freeup. Employers can easily add their credit/debit card or PayPal accounts to their employer’s account.


Bottom line

FreeUp is a fairly new and upcoming site for easily connecting freelancers to clients and freelancers. The screening and selection process on this page means that you do not have to waste your time on inexperienced and inefficient freelancers. It saves a lot of time and effort you may be wasting looking for quality influencers. This saves time and allows you to focus on other things.



If you are dissatisfied with how long you must wait and how much energy you must waste to find a freelancer of value, FreeUp frees you. FreeUp handles all the hassle and time-consuming aspects of renting for you. There are no downsides to hiring a freelancer with FreeUp.However, choosing a freelancer from other sites will give you a better deal in terms of price.

When you are ready to give up some control and streamline the hiring process, FreeUp eliminates the time-consuming and tedious side. With FreeUp, you can get the freelancer you need in a fraction of the time it takes to hire yourself.